NL Exercise Assessment 10

You Learn:

marcer2Your unique response to exercise

marcer2Your individual fitness level

marcer2The correct exercise intensity levels to:
  • Increase the burn of fat and calories
  • Lose weight and inches
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Enhance athletic performance
marcer2How to avoid muscle soreness and over-training

Exercise Assessment

Everyone's response to exercise is unique. Whether your goal is performance or weight loss, knowing the correct exercise intensity will provide the optimum, sustainable burn of fat and calories, improve your fitness and athletic performance. Estimations do not provide the individualized training programs you need. The New Leaf Active Metabolic Assessment System eliminates the guesswork that defeats most diet, exercise and training programs.

Exercise Assessment
Depending on your objectives, a SubMaximal or Peak VO2 assessment may be performed
Measures the your fitness and unique response to exercise
Requires only eight to ten minutes to complete
Assessments may be performed on any aerobic equipment such as bike, treadmill or elliptical
System uses the same technology found in hospitals, Olympic Training Centers and Sports Medicine Clinics
Exercise Assessment 2
Exercise Assessment 03 Active Metabolic Training Provides:
marcer2The trainer and client with complete reports showing Peak VO2, Anaerobic Threshold, fitness level and caloric burn rate.
marcer2 The correct heart rate training frequency, intensity and duration to achieve targeted results. marcer2Custom plans for both aerobic and resistance training.
Exercise smarter... not harder!
marcer2 The Active Metabolic Training Program identifies your optimal exercise intensity level to avoid the risks of under or over-training
marcer2 Exercising and training at your correct heart rate frequency, intensity and duration helps you achieve your goals faster

Active Metabolic Training Resting Metabolic Rate

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Exercise Re-assessment
marcer2You may be re-assessed at regular intervals to measure your progress and adjust your training program
marcer2 Improvements can be objectively documented to assist the trainer and motivate the client.
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